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With Good Health You Will Beat Any Recession: Our Natural Health Centre

The Art of Life Toronto: With a Good Health You Will Beat Any Recession!Screenshot: With a Good Health You Will Beat Any Recession!
The Art of Life: Restoration of Physical and Psychological Health

If a person can manages the "art" of life, or be skillful at it, he or she will be happy in any place. This person will be immune to the influence of unfavourable political variations, economic downturns and even the vagaries of the weather! This is our goal at center of natural medicine The Art of Life. In this series of articles With Good Health You Will Beat Any Recession we explore how our centre can help you to restore your physical and psychological health.

Part 1: Our Natural Health Centre
A smile, a sincere look, a slender figure, the calm self-confidence of a healthy person - this is the portrait of the successful inhabitant of the Western world. Is it possible to be such a person, to feel like this in today's challenging time of severe financial crisis? Yes, this is possible!

If a company is going to reduce staff or if a permanently laid-off employee has to find a new job, who will be preferred by the company management? The calm, healthy optimist or the sad, tired pessimist? For signing a new business contract, the successful, reliable partner, with the good sense of humor, will be most likely chosen at this unstable time. Without a doubt, health and mood are solidly connected. As well, it is obvious, that despondency, fatigue and depression are both, undesirable and inappropriate for a person, searching for a success in today's world, which is really hard to navigate through.

The Art of Life, a center of natural medicine, was created more than three years ago for people, who want to achieve that proper balance of physical and psychological health, which is to be desired by any employer, business partner, circle of friends, one’s own family and etc. The velocity of the life rhythm in modern society is increasing at an alarming rate. It is a fact that all of us have to be strained and constantly exerting ourselves in order to fit into and keep up with the above-mentioned rhythm in the modern world. However, it is also a fact, that continues stress sooner or later can lead to the physiological problems.

If disturbances in the body have already occurred, it does not matter whether they are at the physical or psychological level, it is necessary to select the optimal course of treatment for the quickest restoration of health. The sooner appropriate measures are taken, the sooner the patient will return to an active life, without loosing control over surrounding events in his or her life. If the very first signals of impending organism disturbances or failure are recognized, then these potential troubles can be averted with minimal efforts. But if we learn, how to avoid getting ourselves into problem situations in the first place, (i.e., by the use of preventative measures, which are widely available in today’s medical market), then our health and active life, would be prolonged for many years.

Let us consider how to find the most qualitative and effective equipment, without running from clinic to clinic and trying everything yourself. Whom, do you think, the most effective and reliable equipment is used for in any country in order to return a person to an active working/functioning state as fast as possible? Olympic athletes? You are correct. Does such equipment exist in Toronto? Yes. It is in The Art of Life Natural Health Center.

The Art of Life Health Centre
Location: Suite 121, 885 Don Mills Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 1V9

Get a map and/or directions:
Google Map: 885 Don Mills Road
At the North-East corner of Don Mills Road and Eglinton Avenue East
Entrance to the free parking is from Gervais Drive via Wynford Drive

Taking public transit?
Take the Yonge-University-Spadina subway line to the Eglinton station and transfer to the Eglinton East (route 34) bus. Get off at Don Mills Road.
Or, take the Bloor-Danforth subway line to the Pape station and transfer to the Don Mills (route 25) bus. Get off at Wynford Drive.

Our neigbours are the Ontario Science Centre and Celestica International Inc. manufacturing site.

If you need more information,
give a call to Ludmila Panasenko at 416-449-6747
or send us an e-mail at office@theartlife.ca
or check our web-site: www.TheArtLife.ca

See you at the Art of Life Health Centre.

All types of treatment are covered by benefits and private insurance plans.
For people older than 65 years of age, we offer a 10% discount.
Bring this ad and get 30% off your first physiotherapy treatment!

The Art of Life Health Center: With Good Health You Will Beat Any Recession: Our Natural Health Centre
The Art of Life Health Center: With Good Health You Will Beat Any Recession: Our Physiotherapeutic Equipment
The Art of Life Health Center: With Good Health You Will Beat Any Recession: Our Doctors

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