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Ecology of Health Community Centre - Free Intro: Nia Classes at Vitality

Ecology of Health Community Centre: NIA Vitality Magazine, 2008Photo: Nia Technique Class Coming Up
Source: Vitality Magazine: Bulletin Board: November 2008

NIA Technique Class Coming Up

The Nia Technique is a lifestyle and fitness practice that provides healing through pleasurable movement. Nia is an innovative fitness and well-being practice, based on mindfulness, the joy of movement, and East / West body-mind-spirit harmony techniques.

The Nia movement was created by fitness instructors Debbie and Carlos Rosas in 1983, and now, in its 25th anniversary year, is recognized and practiced world-wide as a friendly cardiovascular program. A philosophy of Nia is "Through movement we find health." Using unique and pleasurable movements, Nia leads you to strength, flexibility, self-esteem, insight, power, and self healing.

Together with a warm group of enthusiasts, our senior professional Nia instructor, Jane Markowitz, whose experience has been enriched by many years of ballet and yoga, will guide you to a healthy, more meaningful lifestyle.

You are invited for the introductory class on Thursday, November 6th at 7:30 pm in the Ecology of Health Community Centre, 885 Don Mills Road, Suite 121, Toronto, ON.
Call (416) 449 - 6747
Vitality Magazine: November 2008, pp. 118 - 119

Nia Instructors Laura Comparey, Jane Markowitz, Elizabeth Mierzynski and Tessie Ostonal at the Health Living Expo 2006Picture from the Health Living Expo
Mississauga - May 6th - Nia Instructors Laura Comparey, Jane Markowitz, Elizabeth Mierzynski and Tessie Ostonal, presented 1 hour of Nia at this event organized and sponsored by the Trillium Health Centre and the Mississauga Board of Chinese Professional & Businesses.
Check them out as they pose with the plaque given to each one of them in recognition for their participation!

[TRANSLATED] Nia Technique Promotion Video
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