Friday, August 8, 2008

Celebrating the Olympic Spirit with the Olympic Equipment

The Art of Life Health Centre Toronto: Professional Athletes Treated with the EMS Swiss DolorclastImage: The Art of Life: Professional Athletes Treated with the EMS Swiss Dolorclast®
References: 07.2000 to date: Regular world-wide use in the polyclinics as a standard therapy
during the Olympic Games and Paralympics in Sidney, Athens and Torino

Enhance your mind, body and spirit with the equipment and technology used by the Olympians.

The Olympic Games is always an extraordinary event in our ordinary life. With joy and tension we watch closely the victories and defeats of our favorite sportsmen. And they, the world best athletes, come to the Olympics with the only one goal to win, using all their physical power and psychological abilities based on their experiences and inner energy reserves, giving everything to reach a desirable victory.

How often do we fall to thinking what does it take to set a record? Not everyone knows about after what kind of trauma recovery or after what kind of pain overcoming, athletes step up on an Olympic arena on which they can perform only once in four years. How tremendously fast they get over multiple and repeated traumas, strained tendon and fractures and at the same time they achieve the best possible results in incredibly stressful and competitive situations.

We sincerely believe that Canadians maintaining a very competitive style of life full of stress, being under the pressure of enormous debts even during their dreams and trying to balance between work and family life, deserve the same effective treatment of illness as the Olympic athletes.

Therefore, celebrating the Olympic Games and supporting our favorite athletes, we would like to underline that the health of the nation is also important for the country as well as breaking Olympic records. Improving the nation’s health could bring us closer to unprecedented achievements in all domains. So, when we were opening our naturopathic Health Centre "The Art of Life", we chose physiotherapeutic equipment that has been reliably applied to European Olympic athletes for more than last ten years. This latest medical technology would help us to achieve Olympic health and an extraordinary success in 'our daily marathon'.

If you feel deserving of it – you are invited to "The Art of Life" Health Centre to try our Olympic medical equipment such as:
Our treatment will allow you to get rid of such "nuisances" as arthritis and heel spurs, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative spinal disc changes and not heeling fractures, chronic pain and fresh wounds, limb swelling of different etiology, cellulites, obesity and many, many other things.

Moreover, we offer you with great pleasure the programs of psychological comfort and stress-reduction, such as mindfulness-based stress reduction program, applied with the great success by the Canadian Olympic team. These programs will help you to transform your tough life marathon into the art of life!

There are no incurable diseases; you just have to choose to be treated!

See you at the Art of Life Health Centre.