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There Are No Children without Talents

Naomi Striemer and Efim Pustilnik Join Hands for Kids on June 1, 2013 International Day for the Protection of Children.
The concert will take place at Christ Church Deer Park, 1570 Yonge St. Toronto
Purchase Tickets: or 1.888.381.3875
All proceeds will benefit programs for gifted children with medical conditions
Published by Art of Life Community Health Center on Apr 2, 2013

As you know, on June 1st, 2013, The Art of Life Community Health Centre, in honour of the International Day for the Protection of Children and for supporting programs for gifted children with medical conditions, will be presenting a contemporary music charity concert 'Joined Hands' featuring Naomi Striemer, Efim Pustilnik and Sax Band. The benefit concert will take place in the Musical Hall of Christ Church Deer Park at 7:30 pm.

Below is the Art of Life's Press Release Part One: There Are No Children without Talents

International Day for the Protection of Children and Our Involvement in the Nurturing of Young Talents

When your children are healthy, successful and talented, you, as parents are undoubtedly overjoyed. But, consider the fate of those parents whose child is seriously ill... Of course, they are still grateful for the opportunity to devote themselves to this precious being, becoming, perhaps, his only friends and companions, especially if this child is unable to relate to his peers. Mom and dad will celebrate his every accomplishment, at all art and music lessons, for there are no children who are without talents! We just have to notice and nurture their every spark of creativity, which will lead to a blooming gift.

It is knows that very talented children perceive the world from a unique perspective, reacting to it in a non-standard way, this quality often prevents them from assimilating within their social environment. Their deeply sensitive perception of the world also leaves them extremely vulnerable to it, as the more extraordinary their thoughts and views, the more tension there is between them and their surroundings, and the heavier the stress that falls on their fragile physical and psychological health. However, these are the very children who will determine the course of the future of our planet, and older generations have already recognized the vital importance of these kids providing them with everything in their power on their difficult but crucially important journeys.

Luckily, our own community is not without such enthusiasts, for whom these children are like brightly lit up stars, who can illumine our world, making it brighter and more joyful. We must only not be indifferent this time and extend a helping hand to these children, giving them hope for limitless creative potential!

Each person can find at least a little bit of energy, time and resources to promote the growth of children, to give them, despite an illness, a chance at self-realization, to gain psychological stability, the ability to openly communicate with others and the strength to overcome all inner obstacles. Your help will allow talented individuals to become active members of our future society, offering all of humanity a chance to evolve towards a new level of consciousness.

Press Release Part Two: The Power of Art - Music Therapy

Tickets: OR 1.888.381.3857

Press Release Part One: There Are No Children without Talents
Press Release Part Two: The Healing Power of Art and Music Therapy

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