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The Healing Power of Art and Music Therapy

Joined Hands - Contemporary Music Charity Concert, June 1, 2013, Toronto, Art of Life, screenshot

Screenshot:Joined Hands - Contemporary Music Charity Concert
The Art of Life Community Health Center

The Contemporary Music Charity Concert, Joined Hands, brought to you by The Art of Life Community Health Center, will feature a numerously nominated and compassionate Canadian-American singer Naomi Striemer and an inspirational composer and musician Fishel Pustilnik with his Sax Band, contributing to the healing, guidance and support of gifted children with medical conditions.

The concert will take place on June 1st, 2013, at 7:30pm, in Christ Church Deer Park at 1570 Yonge Street, North West corner of Yonge and Heath, in Toronto, M4T 1Z8.

At 7:00 pm doors will open with the Art Show & Silent Auction featuring the works of young talented artists.

Below is the Art of Life's Press Release Part Two: The Healing Power of Art and Music Therapy

International Day for the Protection of Children and Our Involvement in the Nurturing of Young Talents

One of the main branches of work at the non-for-profit organization The Art of Life Community Health Centre, is the development and facilitation of physical and psychological healing and wellness programs for gifted children. These programs make use of the best quality of natural medicine chosen specifically for the unique needs of children. Our choice to participate in their healing will give the kids a much needed chance at becoming free and independent citizens; our choice will determine the extent of their ability to realize their talents infusing life with much joy and harmony!

Music helps our centre fulfill our mission of service to young talents, as the majority of funding for the development of programs for children comes from musical charity concerts. It is not a surprise that our supporting musicians: Rena and Rufat Amiralievs, Vasil Popadiuk, Efim Pustilnik and Naomi Striemer, being themselves talented and realized professionals, have also treaded the difficult path of self-actualization as internationally renowned artists; they understand and they are ready to help gifted children with various health challenges reach their inner-most dreams.

The upcoming benefits concert, organized by the Art of Life Community Health Centre, will take place on June 1st of this year, on the International Day for the Protection of Children, to raise funds and awareness towards the development of much needed programs for young talents encumbered by various physical and social obstacles.

This unique concert will feature the contemporary music of the amazing singer and song writer, Naomi Striemer, named the next Celine Dion. Her inspirational acoustic performances touch the hearts of listeners of all ages. The concert will also feature the much admired jazz musician, Efim Pustilnik, who was playing with the greatest Piano Player in the World  - Oscar Peterson and now has albums ranking in the top jazz music charts. Another budding young talent to share the stage with our professional performers, is Mark Krutik, who even at the tender age of 14 is already remarkably skilled at playing the trumpet. But, the concert is not only intended for music aficionados, but also for anyone wishing to give hope and extend a helping hand to children.

By supporting talented kids, we warm up hardened hearts, bringing forth hope, the respect of our children, friendship and assistance of the community. We believe that participation and joint creativity will bring about a better future, laden with joy, security, new opportunities and abundant kindness.

The concert promises to deliver happiness, but more importantly, the opportunity to take part in helping talented young children with anything that hinders their development.

Come and join us! The kids are waiting for your involvement!

The 'Joined Hands' benefit concert will take place on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 at 7:30pm in the Musical Hall of Christ Church Deer Park located at 1570 Yonge Street in Toronto, M4T 1Z8.

Tickets: OR 1.888.381.3857

Press Release Part One: There Are No Children without Talents
Press Release Part Two: The Healing Power of Art and Music Therapy

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