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Headaches: Learn What Headaches Are, What Causes Them, Different Types and Treatments

Headaches: Varieties, Causes and Treatments

Very seldom do we meet a man or woman who has never experienced a headache: such a person would be an incredibly lucky individual. As for the rest of us, of course, nothing is more exhausting and depressing than a splitting headache. The majority of sufferers simply take analgesics and treat the pain symptomatically. However, occasionally the sufferer will notice that the headache occurs more often and there is a need to increase frequency and dosage of medication; clearly, this is a disturbing signal, and a sign that the sufferer needs to address this health issue promptly through a visit to the expert; chronic headaches can signal gross infringements in the body, and need proper attention.

The Art of Life Center offers consultation, relief and permanent healing for chronic and acute headache conditions using only natural remedies and methods.

The Center’s philosophy is that treatment relies on correct diagnosis. Reliance on natural medicine is aimed not necessarily on symptomatic relief, but rather on identifying and addressing the root or systemic headache causes in order to achieve complete recovery.

Modern diagnostic bases, including Voll’s detailed diagnostic method, are used to evolve a complex treatment approach. Remedies often used include naturopathic products, intravenous cocktails, homeopathic medicines, detoxification therapy, acupuncture, applied physiotherapy, and massage. As a rule, optimum results are achieved.

Obviously, it is not possible to list all types of headaches. But, for example, acute localized head pain is one of the most frequent reactions to any internal or external undesirable changes; these can range from diet to emotional discomfort to weather changes. They include hypertensive crises and torturing migraines; an exhausting band-like tension around the head that may last several days. Intracranial pressure fluctuations may cause pressure around the forehead, accompanied by dizziness. The neuralgic headache is characterized as severe, piercing, and localized. There are headaches caused by back and neck problems, psychogenic and psychosomatic headaches etc.

Frequent headaches are caused by neurotoxicity and are directly connected with condition of the liver and intestines. Even the non-specialist knows that headache can be a symptom of chronic constipation, as neurotoxins absorbed from the intestines enter directly into the bloodstream and irritate brain tissue. Similarly, the liver can be affected: the failure to maintain a fresh diet, along with the abuse of analgesics, antibiotics, and hormones, presents an intoxication burden that barely any liver will maintain. Thus support is required to target and cleanse the accumulated toxins. If necessary, individualized complex treatment will include natural detox products as well as Ionic Cleansing, Lymphatic Drainage, and Infra-Red Body Wrap for a deep cellular detoxification.

It is not necessary to suffer! Seeing an expert will establish the causes of each headache syndrome, at the symptomatic, systemic, and cellular levels.

For everyone, who would like to learn more how to get rid of a headache, visit The Art of Life Center’s Open House on August, 25th @ 6:30 pm at 885 Don Mills Road, #121, tel. (416) 499-6747.

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Learn What Headaches Are, What Causes Them, Different Types and Treatments, The Art of Life Health Centre, TorontoOpen House: Headaches: Causes, Varieties, and Treatments;
Thursday, August 25, 2011; 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
The ART of LIFE Community Health Centre

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