Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cold and Flu Prevention Tips

cold and flu prevention tips, the art life health cenre, toronto, canadaArt of Life: Tips for Prevention Colds and Flues
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Please find some great cold and flu prevention tips that will keep you healthy this flu season.
Protect Yourself and Your Family in Flu Season.

  • Practice regular moderate physical activities with walking on fresh air, enough sleep to allow your body recover after routine daily activities.
  • Take immune friendly foods high in vitamin C and minerals Zn, Se, EFA and probiotics. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits garlic, berries, etc...
  • Alkalize your body. In acid environment your immune system is working less efficiently. Keep your body more alkaline through diet or using pH Balance tablets.
  • Wash your hands. Washing hands frequently with hot soapy water will destroy most viruses and you will be less likely to get disease.
  • Protect your mucous membranes. Viruses and bacteria enter your body through mucous membranes. Delivery of natural substances directly with nebulizer will help to protect your mucous membranes.
  • Keep your lymphatic circulatory system moving. Lymphatic system is very important in fighting infections. Lymphatic drainage will improve the health of lymphatic system and increase your response to foreign invaders.
  • Take an action. Defend against colds and flues naturally. Be prepared for winter season.

  • Liudmyla Gerus, Naturopathic Doctor, Canadian Association of Naturopatic Doctors

    Try these seven easy ways to prevent the flu.

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