Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Slim Figure this Summer: It Is Possible!

The Art of Life: A slim figure this summer: it is possible! Advertising feature in The Epoch Times

The summer has finally arrived! Great to show-off a slim figure this summer.

A Slim Figure this Summer: It Is Possible!

Winter is gone, spring is wrapping up, although a few extra pounds are difficult to lose. And, as usual, having tried on summer clothes, we start desperately looking for all the possible ways to lose weight, as well as tighten and refresh dull skin which has faded over winter. Miraculously, science is going forward and offers more and more revolutionary and safe methods to fight against excess weight, cellulite, and problematic skin. Modern medicine offers painless, non-surgical powerful methods of figure correction after only few sessions; these are presented in The Art of Life Center of Natural Medicine, by means of advances and safe European equipment.

There is no need any more for painful diets, infinite exercises and treadmills or surgical intervention. Scientists have developed an absolutely painless method of disposal of fatty tissue by means of ultrasonic cavitation. With only 3-5 sessions of no more than 50 minutes, with an interval of 7-10 days, this process will yield to you fine results by modifying your figure in problem areas. After the first session you already can see a result – from two to five centimeters reduction in your waistline.

The essence of the procedure consists of using ultrasonic waves to influence the hypodermic fatty layer and its water consistency. Fatty cells are capable of “melting” under the influence of ultrasonic waves. Empty space forms within cells; when it increases it supersedes triglyceride, the basis of fat tissue. In the subsequent days after the procedure, triglycerides are eliminated from the body naturally. As you can see, it is non-surgical liposuction! Moreover, as fatty cells collapse, new fat cells cannot form in the rayed with ultrasound areas.

The non-surgical liposuction is performed together with a lymphatic drainage procedure, which helps to accelerate the elimination disintegrated products of fatty cells of an organism. It also helps to improve blood circulation, to nourish the skin, to improve metabolism, and to eliminate muscular and nervous tension. The result of such a successful combination of the above-named types of treatment is a slender tightened figure, healthy skin, ease in the body and gait, sound sleep and sensation of youthfulness.

Wish to feel slenderness, ease, and confidence? Come in to the Center and we will design a suitable program for you to gain youth, health, and joy!

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