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Keyboard Is My Profession or the Best Treatment for Your Pain, Part 2

The Art of Life Best Treatment For Pain, Radial Shock Waves Therapy, TorontoKeyboard - Is My Profession,
or the best treatment for your pain
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This is a continuation of the very inspiring story.
The physiotherapist at The Art of Life, in response to my skepticism regarding healing in only three procedures, told me that my case was quite optimistic and suggested that the fourth procedure would be free if the first three would not help. Healing is precisely x-ray controlled before and after the procedures. I was tremendously surprised by the professionalism "in the country of Dilettanti". The whole treatment was not cheap, however it was 3 – 5 times cheaper than in other places, and obviously much less expensive than a trip to Switzerland.

This Centre impressed me with other extraordinary things. I determined to give it a try. My three week treatment ended on December, 18th. As a family tradition we spend Christmas in the mountains skiing. That year I did not even dare to think about it. My doctor had laughed at me on this occasion saying: "Afterwards, please, come to share your results. Why not give it a try? Radial Shock Wave Therapy is still relatively new in Canada and patients, being rather conservative, need your confirmation."

I enjoyed skiing just like years before and came back happy and suntanned. My colleagues were stunned by the changes that had happened regarding my appearance. There were no special reasons in my life for those changes; I was just not an invalid any more.

To tell you the truth, I came back to The Art of Life Centre. Of course I wanted to share my skiing experiences and secondly I wanted to try an infrared wrap in combination with the compression therapy on the lower part of my body. During the period of my illness I gained a lot of weight as I did not care. Now, feeling uplifted, I wanted to look great, which meant to get my body back into good shape! The excellent equipment and professionalism of the employees at The Art of Life has inspired me to continue striving for excellence and share with you my results.

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Keyboard Is My Profession or the Best Treatment for Your Pain, Part 1
Keyboard Is My Profession or the Best Treatment for Your Pain, Part 2

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