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Keyboard Is My Profession or the Best Treatment for Your Pain, Part 1

Keyboard - Is My Profession,
or the best treatment for your pain
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I inherited a whimsical gene combination from my parents. My mother, a refined amateur of music, theatre, paintings, and ballet, lived in an illusory world, in my opinion. Therefore I was taught non-practical things in my childhood – a history of arts, baroque music, ballroom dance, ancient Greece myths, and other nonsense. I absorbed everything with pleasure. However when I grew up my father took over my upbringing. A young professor, PhD in Technical Sciences, he liked everything exclusively practical, and was able to explain to a young lady like me, that even cute ones had to know how to put a piece of bread on the table; hence it would be better to obtain a technical education. Father’s genes turned out brilliant too. As in Tsvetaeva’s poetry:"I happened to be a good granddaughter for both grandmothers: both a skilled labourer and a softie”

This potentially explosive combination I had to refresh in Canada, to reshuffle and reapply in a new way. Virtuoso piano playing and my technical background helped me to master the computer keyboard easily and learn a few computer programming languages. To my surprise, I found a job in no time and developed a career. The relationship with my new colleagues was excellent and my salary rate was gradually progressing. Soon after, we bought a house and were decorating it with all our knowledge of the D├ęcor...

Misfortune came unexpectedly – the pain in my hand from occasional became more and more persistent. Pretty soon my pain was quite severe – I couldn’t sleep at night. Within six months I looked like a disabled person: always sleepy, absent-minded and in gloomy mood. My coworkers started avoiding me, worse than that I could not work. I tried to shift the job load onto my left hand, nevertheless I cried because of pain each and every night.

After a visit to my G. P. [General Practitioner], I bought an elbow support, as I happen to be diagnosed with a complicated disease – carpal tunnel syndrome in combination with a tennis elbow. This is a case where a treatment decision can be difficult to choose. The elbow support did not cure my elbow, but slowed down the progress of my illness.

I was referred to a specialist who had explained to me two possible alternatives: a change of profession or a series of surgeries on my right hand. I was devastated: it is not possible to change one’s profession. What else could I do? Be a teacher of music? But it’s a keyboard again! "Oh, God, this is the way people become fatalists," I thought. Surgery was definitely not an option for me as the doctor could not guarantee anything.

Thank Goodness for the existing classmates’s web site. My classmates are all over the world now. I issued a call about treatment of my carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow and received information in three days from Zurich. In Switzerland they have physiotherapeutic equipment, approved for Olympic athletes, that by Radial Acoustic Shock Waves breaks calcinations and heals inflammation around the joint’s groove and ligaments after only three procedures! "Sounds like a fairytale" whispered genes on my Mom's side. "I was ready to register disability papers, but now I can be healthy in two-three weeks and see the sights of Switzerland". The genes on my Father’s side were alerted by the fact that it sounded "too good to be true". I decided to search through the internet the testimonies of former patients that already have tried this fantastic equipment. This illness is a very common one these days; therefore patients already might have tried the Radial Shock Waves Therapy.

Simultaneously I made two discoveries! First of all I found patients in Canada who had successfully recovered. There have been few examples of uses of these devices already in Toronto. Secondly, none of the testimonies contained any negative information! The rest was easy: to compare the equipment technical features and the prices. The Art of Life Medical Centre had the best device features and prices, and the name of the Centre was really intriguing. Was that a triple coincidence?
A continuation of our patient’s story is in the next post.

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Keyboard Is My Profession or the Best Treatment for Your Pain, Part 1
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