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Testimonials: Choose Youth, Good Spirits and Health

The Art Of Life: Choose Youth, Good Spirits And Health, by Galina KyreyevaChoose the youth + chose the art of life!!!
The ART of LIFE Natural Health Centre
Choose Youth, Good Spirits and Health!

by Galina Kyreyeva

Introduction: Testimonials
My desire to share the results of treatment in the Natural Health Centre "The Art of Life" had dawned upon me after conversation with the patients that were resting like all of us after the procedures in a cozy waiting room by the aquarium. Home-like relaxed atmosphere favoured 'accidentally' met people to a friendly chat. Instead of a typical conversation about health problems, everyone was eager to share their success stories after visiting the Centre. Following are the stories of the patients that I happened to come across that day:

Inna B., 76 years old.
"At my age I’ve got a problem - my legs become tired and swollen in no time. Half an hour standing was my limit, afterwards I needed a prolonged rest. I had almost had accepted the situation sentencing myself to irreversible health changes. Anyhow, life is full of wonders!
I happen to read a newspaper about European physiotherapy that is widely used in the Art of Life Centre – compression therapy which precisely helps with different kinds of edemas. Being skeptical by nature, I still decided to try. And here is my result! After five sessions we went for a walk with my granddaughter for four hours and stopped only once to have a drink. Next time I came for a procedure in a better mood and trusting the specialists. My expectations had come true. I can say with assurance, that my whole body underwent improvement, not only concerning my legs. I feel sound, vigorous, and younger. I even wished for alterations and decided to change curtains at home. It is only my sixth session! What is to be expected after perhaps a dozen?!"

Olga B., 51 years old
"For my high-end boutique with ladies fashion clothing – I always have to be in a good mood and look great. Sometimes it is very difficult to be optimistic and cheerful by the end of the day; my feet are 'burning' and my thoughts are only preoccupied with after work relaxation. My girlfriend has suggested to me to visit the Centre which specializes in swollen leg problems by means of new European technology. So, I decided to try, with nothing to loose.
I could not even imagine that equipment for ladies in need is so accessible. The naturopathic doctor had recommended me thermo and compression therapy combination, taking into consideration the specific character of my work and slight overweight. Right after a few sessions results were noticeable not only for me but for my friends and acquaintances. My clients were first to ask what did I do to look so great and to loose so much weight. The secret is very simple – The Art of Life! It is most important for me that I feel better not only physically but psychologically too. And there is no magic…F"

Tatiana R., 45 years old
"Several years ago I underwent a serious operation, since then I had a constantly swollen hand. Whatever I tried a swollen hand persisted and lymphatic nodes were painful to the point that I could not even sleep. By taking lymph and compression therapy I finally got rid of discomfort and pain in my hand and armpits. My hand is not as good as it was before the operation, but I can say with confidence that it will definitely be as it was before in the near future."

Are you surprised? I feel the same. It happens to be very simple – contemporary technology and science are devoted to our health. During that friendly chat I was resting after the massage, the variety of which is superb and the effect is excellent. Afterward I decided to try compression therapy and infrared wrap. I would like to share with you my impressions. Right after the first session I no longer felt fatigue for the whole week. I felt a burst of energy and cheerfulness. It seemed like a second wind. During the second session I received not only compression therapy but thermotherapy in addition. Unexpectedly for me, though the staff had acquainted me with the healing effects of the procedure, my chronic arthritis had reacted positively. I felt lightness in my movements, constant pain had drastically decreased, and my spirits were uplifted. When undergoing thermotherapy I imagined myself on a sunny beach by the ocean. Moreover, the external effect was tremendous. My figure had slimmed; a smile had refreshed my face. There is a reason that people say:" You look the way you feel." Thus I have lost some weight and look three years younger. I wish you the same!

Galina Kyreyeva,

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Choose Youth, Good Spirits and Health!
Introduction: Testimonials
Part 1: Thermotherapy
Part 2: Compression Therapy
by Galina Kyreyeva

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