Monday, August 27, 2012

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Anna Leibenko
Date of Birth – July, 31 / 1988
Immigrate to Canada - 1998
Graduate Newton Brook High School,
then graduated in 2010 from Seneca College
with a diploma in Corporate and Media Production.

During the month of August Anna was traveling with a group of friends in Europe.
On August 17, 2012, she was on a board of "Adriatic Queen" catamaran in Croatian water. Unfortunately, Anna accidentally slipped off of a 3 meters high catamaran and hit her head on the ledge and fell into the ocean. She went unconscious instantly.

Anna was delivered in an unconscious state by the helicopter to the casualty department of the brain neurosurgery hospital in Split, Croatia. Currently Anna is in a coma with internal brain bleeding and numerous head and face fractures. She hooked up to a life support machine and is in critical condition.

Unfortunately, Anna didn't have travel insurance and her family and friends do not have the financial capacity to cover the massive costs of treatment in Europe and transportation by Air Ambulance from Croatia to Toronto.

Anna must remain in the hospital for seven to ten days in a state of total tranquility in order not to develop any air pockets in the brain. After that, if her condition will improve, she has to be transferred to the department of Neurosurgery into Toronto hospital facilities.

The price for the Air Ambulance Worldwide is $93,550.00 USD, that must be paid as soon as possible to secure the transportation, without this Anna will not be able to travel back safely and it may cause her life.

The price for the treatment in Croatian hospital is not fixed yet.



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CBC News: Toronto woman in coma returns home from Croatia
"Anna Leibenko suffered serious head injuries in fall from boat
The family of a Toronto woman who has been in a medically induced coma since suffering serious head injuries while vacationi in Croatia is grateful that Anna Leibenko is now back on Canadian soil.

A plane carrying Leibenko, 24, landed at Pearson International Airport early Saturday and she was immediately transferred to Sunnybrook hospital for treatment."

Read MORE & watch a VIDEO: Leibenko arrives home
Posted: Sep 1, 2012 11:17 AM ET

Help Anna Leibenko Website:  Please Help Us To Save ANNA LEIBENKO Life
Anna returned to Canada.
She is in Sunnybrook hospital (Toronto, ON).
She is in stable condition.

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