Sunday, August 26, 2012

Press-Release: Every Child is Potentially Talented

Every Child is Potentially Talented, press-release by
Press-Release: Every child is potentially talented
The Art of Life Community Centre


The Art of Life Community Health Centre Can Save a Lot of Young Talents and Lives by Helping Children when They Have Hope and Believe in Possibility of Being Happy and Having a Future.

Toronto, ON, August 21, 2012
- Ms. Ludmila Panasenko, the spokesperson of the Art of Life states, "The Art of Life is committed to rebuild the lives of abused children with special needs by naturopathic medicine and consulting".

"Art of Life also assists children to understand abuse and deal with their feelings, provides them with a safe and supportive environment to talk about their experience and participate in a various activities aimed at assisting them to work through their feeling. It is much harder to help teenagers or young people to open their hearts and beliefs to a world of hope and creative self-realization, if they got into drugs, alcohol or unhealthy relationships. We can save a lot of young talents and lives by helping children when they have hope and believe in possibility of being happy and having a future, " added Ms.Ludmila Panasenko.

"The Art of Life is planning to assist children between ages 4-15 group therapy, ten weeks in duration (one session per week)," said Ms. Ludmila Panasenko

Media Contact: Ms. Ludmila Panasenko
Spokesperson of The ART of LIFE CHC
885 Don Mills Road, Suite 121
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 1V9
Phone: (416) 449-6747

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