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Thermotherapy: Choose Youth, Good Spirits and Health

Choose the youth + chose the art of life!!!
Part 1: Choose Youth, Good Spirits and Health!
by Galina Kyreyeva

Part 1: Thermotherapy
Here is some information that for me, a physicist seems very important. Infrared radiation – the part of the sunlight spectrum, that is invisible to the human eye –happens to be the main source of energy for our Earth. Healing with warm light has been known from ancient times, but equipment that heals in a proper range of frequencies has appeared relatively recently. They use the range of infrared radiation that heals the most and corresponds with the natural body radiation; hence is not harmful to the human’s body. That is the device that is used in The Art of Life. It allows the setting of different temperatures and lengths of time on different parts of the body that enables to use it with medical, cosmetic, and preventative purposes; therefore creating an individual and optimal approach to each patient. Infrared radiation penetrates into your body as deep as 4cm, thus increasing its temperature. It is definitely a specific soft heat that calms and relaxes. Infrared radiation penetrates into every part of the body – tissues, organs, muscles, bones, and joints. While increasing the overall body’s temperature we increase the blood flow and other fluids circulation in the body; consequently improving the cells’ metabolism, nourishment of tissues, oxygen supply, and strengthening of the immune system.

Even deep “dry” heat is indispensable for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and other chronic diseases. Application of thermotherapy is also recommended for back pain relief. These procedures are effective for kidney diseases and catarrhal illnesses. Besides that, therapeutic influence of infrared heat helps to regenerate the skin. That is why it is recommended for skin diseases as well.

It is interesting to know that warming up the body causes sweating; during this procedure the temperature reaches only 40 – 60C, which is completely not stressful for the body. It should be noted that the amount of sweat discharged during the half hour procedure exceeds twice – thrice the same sauna index at 110C during the same period of time.

Due to improved blood circulation, metabolism activation, and intensive sweating, detoxification and waste substances, such as fat, cholesterol, toxins, acids, and slag, elimination happen faster in a body. Not the least of the factors is the healing effect of infrared wrap on the immune and nervous systems. As a result, the general health index improves and the body’s immunity to any illness as well. It is not easy to enumerate the positive effects of thermotherapy on the body as well as on the psycho-emotional state.

The below comparison will help you appreciate the effectiveness of thermotherapy:
According to medical calculations, 50 min of thermotherapy session burns 900-2400 calories that correlates to 10-15 kilometer run. For the same period of time you burn 500 calories when swimming, 440 calories when playing tennis, and 375 calories when biking.

It is not difficult to conclude that the application of thermotherapy on a regular basis can help you balance your weight, slim your figure, while toning the muscles, and tightening the skin. After one session you can easily loose 1 kg of weight and reduce your waste line by 1-2 cm. It is quite invigorating – your body is actively engaged, purified and getting younger when you lay in a cozy warm wrap!

To achieve even more impressive results, to reinforce the effects and to improve yourself from a health point of view, sessions of thermotherapy are combined with the compression therapy.

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Choose Youth, Good Spirits and Health!
Introduction: Testimonials
Part 1: Thermotherapy
Part 2: Compression Therapy
by Galina Kyreyeva

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