Monday, October 19, 2009

Thank You for Coming to Our Open House and Making It a Success!

Photo: The Art of Life Health Centre
Open House October 16, 2009
Detoxify your body with natural remedies: Step 1

Dear Friends:

Thank you so much for having taken the time from your busy schedule to visit our Open House event last Friday. It was a pleasure to meet with all of you. We appreciate your interest in our detoxification programs. We also enjoyed all your comments and questions, and we were glad to have your testimonials about the results of our services.

In the middle of November we will be in contact with you again to invite you to the next lecture about the second step of detoxification of the matrix – extracellular connective tissue.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the promised prize – FIVE FREE COMPRESSION THERAPY TREATMENTS: GLORIA LIM. Congratulations to Gloria and remember that next time you may be a winner! Ask questions, give testimonials and have fun!

Thank you again for all your participation and we look forward to meeting with you in the coming months.

Ludmila Panasenko
on behalf of all medical and administrative staff
at The Art of Life Health Centre

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