Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ludmila Panasenko Profile, Published in The Women's Post Magazine

Ludmila Panasenko, The Art of Life Community Health Centre, Women's Post profile screenshotScreenshot: Women's-Post: Ludmila Panasenko Profile

We would like to introduce you to Ludmila's profile on Women's Post magazine website:

Bio: Ludmila Panasenko

Company: The Art of Life Community Health Centre

In the Ukraine, Ludmila Panasenko studied and achieved her doctorate in Geophysics at an early age. As a wife and mother of two small children, her life was turned upside down by the death of her husband in a terrorist attack, and then again by the fateful Chernobyl nuclear accident. By this time she had earned a Management Diploma from a British University, and had refocused her career plans on Financial Management. Preferring to remove her children from an unhealthy radioactive environment, she made the difficult decision to leave her country of birth, and emigrated to Canada to start a new life. Her first posting was as professor of the Business Mathematics at Centennial College; five years ago, she has become the founder and CEO of The Art of Life Health Centre. The Art of Life has been operating successfully for several years, with the help of a whole number of volunteers who have become a perfect team striving to provide help to the community. Recently this business has been changed into a not-for-profit Community Health Centre, whose mission is to restore health, to educate people in disease prevention and wellbeing, and to integrate wellness into society. The Centre also takes pride in connecting people from many different cultural traditions, as well as organizing family, youth, and children’s programs.

Publisher: The Women's Post is a magazine designed for professional women.
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