Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Wellness Show and Exceptional Experience

Poster: North York General's Patient- and Family-Centred Care Definition
Poster: North York General's Patient- and Family-Centred Care Definition
At North York General, Patient & Family Centred Care means: 1) Partnering with you and your family (as defined by you); 2) Respecting you; 3) Listening to you; 4) Informing you; and 5) Supporting you to make the best decisions about your care. Putting you and your family first in everything we do.

Great Opportunity for Our Community Health Centre to Form Partnerships

During last week, our team had a pleasure to participate in the North York General Hospital and Branson Ambulatory Care Centre Employee wellness show.

It was an exceptional experience where traditional and alternative medicine came together to learn, experience and explore.

Our team, our nurses, our doctors interacted with highly professional clientele from hospitals and lots of grounds were covered raising awareness of alternative and innovative approaches to similar health concerns.

It was impressive to witness how healthcare sector is focused on health! It is highly engaging, genuinely concerned about own employees and their well-being, and a lot of effort put into promotion of prevention and maintenance of healthy lifestyle.

This was a great opportunity for our community health centre to form partnerships with different representatives that will allow to achieve common goals, such as public active healthcare awareness, prevention, maintenance, and promotion.

We look forward to more partnerships in the future!

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